Donations are crucial to the library. Libraries offer free access to all but -- as with any home or business -- it's money that keeps the lights on, heats the rooms, provides the staff, buys reading material and furnishings, and adds value to our annual state report. By making a monetary donation to your public library, you are ensuring that the California community has access to all the services that the library provides. Donations of any amount are highly appreciated during any time of year and are tax deductable. Your generosity influences the amount of state and county aid our library receives. Your contribution via on the Washington County Community Foundation's annual giving day in Fall helps us meet goals that bring additional money to your library. Stop by the library to fill out a donation form. You may also donate over the internet using> Your contribution via on the Washington County Community Foundation's annual giving day in Fall (Sept. 12, 2018) helps us meet goals that bring additional money to your library.

Suggested Giving Levels: Become a Railway Magnate by giving over $2001; Be an Engineer when you give $1,000 to $2,000 or a Conductor by giving between $500 and $999; join the Redcaps with a contribution between $100 and $499 or be a Brakeman by giving $56 to $99; ride in our Parlor Car with a contribution of $35 to $55; become a Passenger by giving $20 to $34. Or simply give at whatever level is meaningful to your budget. Donors who give $25 dollars or more recieve our "I Climbed Aboard" string backpack. Simply remind the staff, who probably are not aware of what's in that envelope you just handed them!


Memorials are special gifts given to the library in honor of another person or group. If you would like a memorial form, click here. If you cannot open the link, you might need.

2019 Memorials

January: In memory of Deborah, from Paul Cech; In memory of Elizabeth Sconing, from Anonymous. February:

2019 Sponsors

Junior Library Guild Books: Elizabeth Sconing.

WAGGIN Network 2019:

2019 Donors

Railway Magnate:




Paul Cech;


Parlor Car:

J. Grimes;


Private donor:

A Treasured Friend: George Crane. If you have borrowed any James Patterson book from our library, George Crane made that possible. Thank you, George.

Fundraisers and Offers

Fundraisers are an important source of income for the library. We offer a variety of different fundraisers seasonally and throughout the year. In addition, several businesses have provided special offers that support the library.

Current Fundraisers

  • Our Annual Used Book Sale is held in August during California's Riverfest. But we always have a cart and rack in the library filled with used books, just waiting for you to provide a new home.

  • Litton's Gift Cards - Before you vist that favorite local greenhouse, located on Route 40 in Richeyville, stop by our library to purchase gift certificates. Each $10 certificate contributes $2 to the library. Litton certificates are a handy hostess, birthday or holiday gift. They never expire.
  • Handy last-minute gifts: American Traditions woven baskets in several styles, from $20 to $36. Tote bags: blue for children, burgundy for adults. Both feature our train logo. $8 and $12. Two-dollar Book Bundles: the very best books gleaned from our donations and tied in a stack of three. Cloisonne pins with bookmark: feature the library building, of course. Ivory stationary featuring a brown pen-and-ink drawing of our historic building. Historic maps of California.

    We also help the Washington County Food Bank (February through March), Budd Baer Subaru Share the Love Campaign (November through December), and Kyle Lives On shoe collection (late fall).


    2018 Donations

    Railway Magnate: EQT; the late Ethel Rankin, whose generosity not only allowed us to update our server and all computers as well as buy a new printer/FAX, but also to add to our savings investment with Edward Jones.

    Engineer: Anonymous in memory of Elizabeth Sconing; Elek Buday, Eagle Scout, along with Boy Scout Troop 1351, via many private donors.

    Conductor: Casey Durdines, EQT, Amelia Mitchell.

    Redcap: Ellen Hasbrouck, Washington County Farm Bureau, Theresa Holman, Claudia Bennett, Dr. Richard H. Martin, Mariscotti Insurance.


    Parlor Car: Kate Safin, anonymous via

    Passenger: Anonymous, Vestaburg-New Hill Joint Authority, Beth Baxter, Greg Shaporka, Old Trails BPW, Dick and Barbara Webb.

    Private Donor: Don & Ardith Thompson.

    --Of Special Note in 2018--

    WAGGIN Network Sponsor 2018: Claudia Bennett

    Donors on Sept. 12, 2018 via Alan Benyak, BCR Lions Club, Beth Baxter, Velma Gajan; Candice, Sara and Amanda Treser; Claudia and Bill Bennett, David and Beth Boehm, Donna Wright, Amelia Mitchell, Florence Mitchell, James Mitchell, Judy and Mike Tchinski, Kirk and Terri Holman, Lisa J. Buday, Esq.; Matt R. Peteritis, Old Trails Business & Professional Women, Sandra Willett. (Together they earned $332.94 in bonus dollars for the Library.)

    Corporate Donors: Mariscotti Insurance, EQT.

    Organization Donors: Washington County Farm Bureau, Old Trails Business and Professional Women, BCR Lions Club.

    Contributing Municipalities: California Borough, Borough of Roscoe.

    Budd Baer Share the Love Campaign: Kate Safin, Dick and Barb Webb, Bill Bennett, Claudia Bennett, Linda Wohar, Amelia Mitchell, Candice Treser, Greg Shaporka. $122 raised toward our $150 challenge.

    The Gifts of Time and Talent: Ellen Hasbrouck, Matt Peteritis, Amelia Mitchell.

    Thanks, Matt! Our Board's tech-guru graciously donated and installed two smart thermostats to help the library save money. Matt is pleased every time he's able to help us blend twenty-first century solutions into the ambiance of our historic train station. And so are we. He's a treasure.

    A Treasured Friend: George Crane. If you have borrowed any James Patterson book from our library, George Crane made that possible. Thank you, George.

    Gift Books: In memory of Guy Anthony Turturice from Vestaburg-New Hill Joint Authority. In memory of Dr. Lorraine Vitchoff from Dr. Richard H. Martin; California Library Board. In honor of Elek Buday, Eagle Scout, from Dr. Richard H. Martin; Carrie and Mark Kennedy. In memory of Edward J. Pagen, Jr. from Beth Baxter. In memory of Prue Petrucci from Greg Shaporka; California Library Board. In memory of Dr. Clinton J. Fink, Peace Scholar, from Claudia and Bill Bennett. In memory of Berenice A. Carroll, Women's Studies and Peace Scholar and Activist, from Claudia and Bill Bennett. In memory of Barbara Rankin, California Library Board; (more donors to be entered). In memory of Roger Sealy, Founder of California Focus, from Claudia and Bill Bennett, In memory of Virginia Sikora: Edward Sikora Family, Ellen Hasbrouck, Cal Library Board of Trustees.


    2017 Donations

    December gratitude: Thank you to West Brownsville Borough, which supported our library in a very meaningful way. We appreciate you! Thank you once again to Elek Buday and his SCOUT TROOP for contributing funds to our library after completing Elek's Eagle Scout patio rebuild project. (Have you stopped by to enjoy the patio yet?)

    THANK YOU! to our 2017 WCCF GIVES DAY donors: BCR Lions Club, Amelia Mitchell, Charles and Carol Keller, Beth Baxter, Bill Bennett, Claudia Bennett, Dr. John and Linda Wohar, Lisa J. Buday, Attorney at Law; Velma Gajan, James Mitchell, Candice Treser, The Boehm Family, Ethel Kennedy, Moe and Jennie Galis, Alice Harris, Sandra Willett, Gary and Susan Chernay, and Anonymous.

    MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS: The MARISCOTTIs have renewed their steadfast support of the library by once again providing two-year subscriptions for eight magazine titles. This very generous gift enables you to choose from Car & Driver, Conde Nast Traveler, ESPN, Field & Stream, Garden & Gun, Popular Science, Rachel Ray Every Day or Wired.

    ROSCOE BOROUGH 2017 supported California Public Library quite generously, and we send our heartfelt gratitude.

    Kirk and Terri Holman presented the library with an additonal donation in late August. Thank you!

    The WASHINGTON COUNTY FARM BUREAU donated $200 to the library in August; please remember to place an item or two when their food collection box arrives in our library this winter.

    At Team Captain Lisa Buday's suggestion, $200 arrived at the library this summer after the ALLENPORT CIVIC CLUB held its annual Trivia Challenge. We applaud that smart decision!

    EAST PIKE TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL MEMORABILIA - The Library will use a portion of the East Pike High School Committee's generous $1,000 donation to create a digital image version of the school's memorablia. The physical collection may be viewed upon request. Pauline Vitchoff's dedication to preserving the memory of East Pike High School was honored by memorial donations from Regis Brentin, Roberta DeJohn, The Bongiornos: Donna, Parke, Karli, Amber, Parker and Families; and by an Anonymous donation of cash as well as a plaque commemorating the East Pike Run project. Their donations will help to purchase a digital photo frame.

    EQT Corporation donated $500 to the Library in May 2017. We are very grateful for this gift; its arrival softens the loss of one of our air conditioning units.

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! We thank our 2016 donors, among them: Nancy Andre, Candice Treser, Roscoe Borough, Dr. Lorraine Vitchoff, William E. and Elizabeth Slosky, Pennatronics, and Lisa J. Buday, Attorney at Law. / Washington County Community Foundation - WCCF Gives 2015 donors: anonymous, B.R.C. Lions Club, Claudia & Bill Bennett, Lisa J. Buday, Attorney-at-Law; Dr. and Mrs. Scott M. Helfrich, Darlene Hunter, Charles C. Keller, Amelia Mitchell, Ethel S. Rankin, Thomas Rile, Lorraine Vitchoff, Ed.D, Sandra E. Willett. Together, these dozen donors brought $2,999.55 to our library; $218.16 of that total came from a Dollars Bonus Pool from the WCCF campaign. These gifts will keep our library operational through the end of the year. / THANK YOU to Kathleen Heddon, an out-of-state visitor, for her very generous November 2015 donation. The surprise gift brought us great joy. THANK YOU as well to our anonymous provider of new mice and keyboards for all of our public access computers. Our patrons appreciated the upgrade.