Welcome to the California Area Public Library, California's center for knowledge and growth. Climb aboard the Information Station for California, Allenport, Coal Center, Long Branch, Elco, Roscoe, and West Pike Run Township. Explore the five literacies with us: Basic, Information, Civic & Social, Health &Financial.


The WAGGIN dog has a name: Fetch. (Is the dog male or female? You decide!)

COUPON BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE NOW. 2015 books cost $30. We have some unsold 2014 books you can use until November--our price is deeply discounted.

INVESTING IN FUTURES If you were one of our five very generous donors during WCCF's Day of Giving: THANK YOU! If you haven't yet made your annual donation to California Public Library, it's getting on time to do so. (We're planning our budget for 2015 and it's awfully tight right now.) If our annual giving letter arrived in your mailbox this summer and you've already delivered your donation to the library: Thank you!. Please pass the letter along to a kind-hearted, forward-thinking friend. From January 1 to May 31 of this year we hosted 2,500 visitors who borrowed more than 2,000 items, logged on to the computers 767 times, and took dozens of tax forms home to puzzle over. Fifty-four new people registered for borrowing privileges. Long Branch has already presented the library with its annual donation, and California Borough continues to support our mission by providing building and grounds care and some insurance coverage. Our fundraising goal is $16,000. We are counting on you! In 2015 a $6,000 private contribution we have recieved for decades will not be renewed. Our school district will once again be unable to provide any funding. Contributions from non-government sources are crucial to the future success of our town library. Please visit, volunteer, donate. You are vital to our mission to provide everyone with access to information in a happy space where we all thrive.

smile.amazon.com--Shop here first when you buy online. amazon will contribute a litle bit of coin to our library. Sometimes there's a $5 bonus incentive. Every little bit helps us. (But only a shopaholic could match the value of a standard annual gift to the library.)

Thank you so much! For these recent MEMORIAL GIFTS: Summer 2014: In memory of Dorothy Anderson Drotar, presented by Judy Luko. In memory of John Gajan, prsented by Lou and Prue Petrucci. In memory of John Gajan, presented by Calilfornia Library Trustees and Staff. / Spring & Winter 2014: For Zella Norman, from Prue Petrucci. For Amy Lundy Cruz, from Lou and Prue Petrucci. For Sue Anderson McKay, from Dick and Barbara Webb. For Jason Mattera, from Dick and Barbara Webb.

Do you need to research HEALTH CARE INFORMATION? Our librarians are learning about some helpful resources so that they can guide you to information that will help you to make informed choices.

Opportunities: LEARN4LIFE is a new database offering online courses to help our patrons enrich their lives. Watch for more details. / VOLUNTEER to lead children's story time sessions or to become an active participant in a FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY project. / RENT AN LCD PROJECTOR KIT from us and add a special focus to your next family event, business or club meeting. Our kit includes the projector, a screen and, if you need it, a laptop computer. You provide the photos or PowerPoint show. $20. We suggest you allow time for our staff to walk you through the process of setting up, if you're not familiar with using audio visual equipment.

Fundraisers: ORDER YOUR HOAGIES by the last Friday of the month for pick up by mid-day on the first Thursday of the month. Country Fresh Market 12" hoagies are large enough to feed two people. Each costs just $7. American, Italian, Turkey & Swiss, Roast Beef, and Pizza. Just call the library or tell a board member. (Order by 25 July 2014 for delivery on August 7.) / LITTON'S GIFT CERTIFICATES: Each $10 certificate returns $2 to the library. Keep a few on hand as emergency gifts, or simply help out the library by purchasing a few before you visit Litton's Greenhouse in Richeyville. Other fundraising items at the library are American Tradition woven baskets, tote bags, cloisonne pins, stationary, historic maps of California and the ever-popular bundles of used books.

GOT PAPER SCRAP? Recycle at the library. We sponsor an AbitibiBowater Paper Retriever recycle bin. If the bin is full, please keep your donation until a later time. Californians prove they are dutiful stewards of our environment by filling the bin quickly. Thank you!