Welcome to the California Area Public Library, California's center for knowledge and growth. Climb aboard the Information Station for California, Allenport, Coal Center, Long Branch, Elco, Roscoe, and West Pike Run Township. Explore the five literacies with us: Basic, Information, Civic & Social, Health & Financial.


Feel like conquering clutter? We do! We're hosting a THIRTY-ONE GIFTS PARTY in the library on SUNDAY, JANUARY 24 between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. Please stop by to see how Thirty-One products can provide solutions to help organize your life. The Library's goal is to earn January's Hostess Special so we will have containers to neatly store our new LakeShore toy collection. The new toys will be on display during our party.

**The position of LIBRARY DIRECTOR is now open. Interested applicants may send a resume and three references to: Personnel Committee, California Area Public Library, 100 Wood Street, California PA 15419. Preference will be given to applicants who hold a Pennsylvania Public Library Assistant certificate (or greater). FBI, PA Criminal History and Child Abuse clearances are required, as well as a certificate for Mandated Reporter training. See full description here. We send best wishes to our current director and her family as they begin new jobs and new schools in a new place on the new year. (Refreshed 05 January 2016)

**The position of LIBRARY CLERK is now open. Interested applicants may send a resume and three references to the Personnel Committee at the address listed in the preceeding announcement. FBI, PA Criminal History and Child Abuse clearances are required by the day of hire; certification for Mandated Reporter training will also be required. (Posted 05 January 2016)

smile.amazon.com--Shop here first when you buy online. amazon will contribute a litle bit of coin to our library. Sometimes there's a $5 bonus incentive. Every little bit helps us. (But only a shopaholic could match the value of a standard annual gift to the library.) Just set your browser to www.smile.amazon.com and choose California Area Public Library.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Our most recent contributors are special heroes to us, given the seven-month state budget impasse. Their contributions are keeping our library doors open. We thank: Roscoe Borough, Dr. Lorraine Vitchoff, William E. and Elizabeth Slosky, Pennatronics, and Lisa J. Buday, Attorney at Law. / Washington County Community Foundation - WCCF Gives 2015 donors: anonymous, B.R.C. Lions Club, Claudia & Bill Bennett, Lisa J. Buday Attorney-at-Law, Dr. and Mrs. Scott M. Helfrich, Darlene Hunter, Charles C. Keller, Amelia Mitchell, Ethel S. Rankin, Thomas Rile, Lorraine Vitchoff, Ed.D, Sandra E. Willett. Together, these dozen donors brought $2,999.55 to our library; $218.16 of that total came from a Dollars Bonus Pool from the WCCF campaign. These gifts will keep our library operational through the end of the year. / THANK YOU to Kathleen Heddon, an out-of-state visitor, for her very generous November donation. The surprise gift brings us great joy. THANK YOU as well to our anonymous provider of new mice and keyboards for all of our public access computers. Our patrons appreciate the upgrade.

Many of our donors have been contributing to the Library for decades. Please visit, volunteer, and donate this year. YOU are vital to our mission to provide everyone with access to information in a happy space where we all thrive.

EAGLE SCOUT PROJECTS benefit the library: Two young gentlemen, ELEK BUDAY and BRANDON THOMAS, chose to develop Eagle Scout projects that improve our library. For several years Elek (California Troop 1391 has been working with an architect to design an inviting patio at the rear of our building, an historic depot. Brandon's project improves our buildings by repairing and painting. BRANDON (Monongahela Council 527) and his team spent some very hot summer days helping us to declutter our caboose. They also added a second coat of white paint to the upper exterior and repaired the bullet-proof glass on a caboose window that a vandal shattered. When the weather allows, Brandon plans to empty the caboose so he can repair and repaint interior drywall. The most perplexing problem is finding a dry place to store the caboose's contents!) He is also planning to finish painting our adult room (a complicated task, when you consider the number of books that need to be moved from the shelves to . . .where?). ELEK and his team will install an attractive fence between the patio and railroad tracks, replace crumbling paving bricks on a new subsurface, and install benches and tables. The more than 150 feet of black aluminum fencing will cost an estimatde $4,500. Elek is eager to begin work but first he needs funding for Phase I - Fencing. If you want to donate cash, equipment, expertise, or time, to either of our Eagle scouts, our library staff will be happy to provide contact information.

MEMORIAL GIFTS and HONORARIUMS: An enduring tribute made in the form of a book, a technology upgrade or a grounds beautification/comfort improvement, your gift will be marked will be announced to the appropriate honorees. Many people donate $25 or more when presenting a gift for a book.

STORYTIME (TBA) is held on select Saturdays and includes a snack and craft. Reservations are recommended. Limit of 12 children.

INVESTING IN FUTURES Our 2015 fundraising goal is $16,000, with 30 new contributors added to our donor pool. We are very grateful to our February donors, Esther Ermlick and Esther Schau. January donors: the Michael Serene family, for the long-standing Serene Memorial Fund; and the C. & W.K. Bennett family. Our late-December 2014 contributors gifted the library with $1,867. We thank: the now-defunct Friends of California Public Library, Prue Petrucci, rose plastics, California Army Navy Surplus, CMM Associates, Pennatronics, Redstone Pharmacy, Lisa Buday Attorney-at-Law, B2 Communications, Northwood Tri-County Realty, 84 Components, 84 Lumber, All Star Transmission, Bee Graphix, Corr-graphics, California DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant, Drebo America, Erie Insurance, Flowers by Regina, Highway Appliance, Hollowood Heating Inc., Interstate Paper Supply, Maund Industries, Perryman Company, Rice Energy, State Farm Insurance and Timberline Packing.

Do you need to research HEALTH CARE INFORMATION? Our librarians are learning about some helpful resources so that they can guide you to information that will help you to make informed choices.

Opportunities: RENT AN LCD PROJECTOR KIT from us and add a special focus to your next family event, business or club meeting. Our kit includes the projector, a screen and, if you need it, a laptop computer. You provide the photos or PowerPoint show. $20. We suggest you allow time for our staff to walk you through the process of setting up, if you're not familiar with using audio visual equipment.

Fund Raisers: LITTON'S GIFT CERTIFICATES: Each $10 certificate returns $2 to the library. Keep a few on hand as emergency gifts, or simply help out the library by purchasing a few before you visit Litton's Greenhouse in Richeyville. Other fund raising items at the library are American Tradition woven baskets, tote bags, cloisonne pins, stationary, historic maps of California and the ever-popular bundles of used books. / THANK YOU to all who partcipated in our Easter pie sale. HOAGIE SALES will be returning soon

GOT PAPER SCRAP? Recycle at the library. We sponsor an AbitibiBowater Paper Retriever recycle bin. If the bin is full, please keep your donation until a later time. Californians prove they are dutiful stewards of our environment by filling the bin quickly. Thank you! (Because of depressed paper prices, Abitibi has not paid a dividend for almost a year now. Still, we are happy they help us to create a greener planet.)