Welcome to the California Area Public Library, California's center for knowledge and growth. Climb aboard the Information Station for California, Allenport, Coal Center, Long Branch, Elco, Roscoe, and West Pike Run Township. Explore the five literacies with us: Basic, Information, Civic & Social, Health, and Financial.

"Moving Forward: Keeping on Track"


Annual Giving 2018: NOW is the time. When you donate $20 or more before December 31, we will present you with a blue string backpack bearing our logo and acknowledging that you "Climbed Aboard." THANK YOU! to the 17 people who donated $2,265 to us on Washington County Gives day! We remind them to stop by and pick up their backpacks. The names of these generous souls are presented on our Donations page. Libraries offer free access to all those in good standing, but libraries are costly endeavors. The state expects us to raise $5 each for the 10,640 people living in the communities we serve; that's significantly more than our annual budget. State and county support increases when our community shows that it cares about California Public library by laying down some dollars. While donations of books and other items are always appreciated, when it comes time to file the state report upon which our funding rests, the important factor is how much cash our citizens donated to the library.

Budd Bayer Share the Love Campaign 2019 runs from November 15 to January 2. Please tuck an extra dollar or two (or more!) into your pocket before you visit us so that you can purchase a $1 Subaru car cutout to post on our wall. Budd Bayer Subaru will match every dollar donated; our district goal is $2,000. Every year, Budd Bayer supports Washington County libraries by donating $250 when you buy a car AND by purchasing new materials for each of the libraries. In 2018 we received a lovely collection of baby's board books*, 2017's gift was a set of books for older children tp emcourage STEM learning, and in 2016 he bought us all several Launchpads (like iPads but for children). *California has been concentrating on gathering and increasing our board book collection, and placing it in easy-to-sift-through containers. The gift was perfect!

Kyle Lives On Campaign: We have a donation box waiting for your gently worn (or new!) shoes. Proceeds will provide two scholarships for area seniors: one for a student headed to U of Northwestern Ohio, the other for a senior with an I.E.P. Kyle Hook, just three months shy of being graduated from Bentlyeville High and Mon Valley Career & Technology Center (automotive), died in an auto accident last March. The second of six children, Kyle was a mainstay to his single mom--as well as a generous soul who would help anyone. The Kyle Lives on Foundation keeps his memory alive through this shoe collection project. By the way, Kyle's mom notes that his boots still sit by the front door of their home.

We are truly grateful each time you make a cash donation or memorial book gift but, we also want to remind you that cash donations from residents, busineses and community government are what the state and county officers are looking for when they decide how much they will fund California Library in 2019. Your cash donations pay staff and utilities, fund upkeep and, of course, help us to expand our book collection, offer free access to computers, provide adult and children's programming, and generally keep the library Moving Forward! Please consider donating before December 31. We send a hearty "Thank you!" to our loyal patrons.

Children's Fun: STORY HOUR with Ellen has moved to MONDAYs at 10:00.

We are sorry to learn that one of our longtime favorite patrons, Virginia Sikora, has passed away. We enjoyed our weekly chats when Virginia visited to borrow five books. Even more, we enjoyed the challenge of scoping out new books that we knew Virginia would enjoy. The Library Board has presented three books in memory of Virgina.

If you have overdue library materials, we've probably called you several times. Please return them soon. Our records indicate almost $2,000 in unpaid fines and unreturned or "lost" items. That's the kind of loss that can put a business out of business.

LEGAL ASSISTANCE: PCAR Sexual Violence Legal Assistance Project provides short-term help for victims of non-intimate partner sexual assault where services are not available. For legal assistance call the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) at 717-901-6784.

VOTER'S GUIDE The League of Women's Voter's Digital Guide is available here. For a print copy which you may keep, please visit the library.

Tools to help you Register to Vote: September 25 is National Register to Vote Day. Here are some links to help you: *Register to Vote*", *Check Your Registration Status*"", *File for Absentee Ballot*" and *Sign up for Election Reminders*." Or visit the entire Voter Registration site," sponsored by everylibrary, when you click this link. (Warning: You will be directed away from calpublib.org each time you click on a link.)


ONE TAP READING. THAT'S LIBBY. . . . Libby is OverDrive's free one-tap app for borrowing digital books and audiobooks. It works with Android, IOS (iPhone/iPad/IPod touch) and Windows 10 devices. Visit your app store, search "Libby", install the app. Open it and find your library (search by library name, zip code, or city). Browse your libray's collection. Simple! You'll need to sign in using your library card when you are ready to borrow an item. Borrowed items download automatically and are stored on your Shelf so you can read when you're offline.

Visit our LINKS page to explore ACCESS PENNSYLVANIA POWER Library digital resources for every age. It's where you'll find an up-to-date reference collection and so much more.

Have you used your library card lately? Remember, Waggin Network library cards must be used at least once every three years or they expire.

PA Forward Star: Pennsylvania Libraries is coming to our library! You are an essential player in our quest to earn Bronze Star status. The program helps each of us to Build a Better World for Pennsylvanians. Keep your eyes open for details during your next visit.

Every MONDAY at 10:00 is STORY TIME with Ellen, a retired elementary librarian. Ellen presents a fresh Story Time every Monday at 10 a.m. Story Time with Friends is presented on select Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. Each Story Time includes a snack and craft. Please call to add your name to our list and we'll give you a call announcing each new session. Reservations are recommended. We plan for 12 children; please make prior arrangements for large groups. The California Recreation Authority sponsors Saturday Story Time. Summer Reading Club (SRC) for elementary students follows the state library's annual theme. Contact us at 724-938-2907 or director@calpublib.org for more information about children's programs.

Amazon Smile--Shop here first when you buy online and amazon will contribute a wee bit of coin to our library. Sometimes there's a $5 bonus incentive. Every penny helps us. (But only a shopaholic could match the value of a standard annual gift to the library.) Just set your browser to www.smile.amazon.com and choose California Area Public Library.

MEMORIAL GIFTS and HONORARIUMS: An enduring tribute made in the form of a book, a technology upgrade or a grounds beautification/comfort improvement, your gift will be marked and will be announced to the appropriate honorees. Many people donate $25 or more when presenting a gift for a book. Gifts are announced on our Donations page.

Opportunities: RENT AN LCD PROJECTOR KIT from us and add a special focus to your next family event, business or club meeting. Our kit includes the projector, a screen and, if you need it, a laptop computer. You provide the photos or PowerPoint show. $20. We suggest you allow time for our staff to walk you through the process of setting up, if you're not familiar with using audio visual equipment.

INVESTING FOR OUR FUTURES: Many of our donors have been contributing to the Library for decades. They know that a public library is a community treasure. Please visit, volunteer, and donate this year. YOU are vital to our mission to provide everyone with access to information in a happy space where we all thrive. Our fundraising goal for 2018 is $30,000. We bet you did not know that we habitually fall short by $23,000 below what the state expects us to raise. Please remember this the next time you think to yourself, "They're always asking for money, and yet they never close." We haven't had any support from our school district since 2011, and fewer than half of the communities in our service area make annual contributions. Everyone is feeling short of funds, we understand. But if everyone gave something (and those who can gave a bit more), we might be able to meet the state's expectations. We are especially grateful to those donors who have moved from the area but continue to give, or who don't often use the library but habitually give. We thank each and every donor, local or not.

Fund Raisers: LITTON'S GIFT CERTIFICATES: Each $10 certificate returns $2 to the library. Keep a few on hand as emergency gifts, or simply help out the library by purchasing a few before you visit Litton's Greenhouse in Richeyville. Other fund raising items at the library are American Tradition woven baskets, tote bags, cloisonne pins, stationary, historic maps of California and the ever-popular bundles of used books.

GOT PAPER SCRAP? The paper recycling bin is back (but is no longer sponsored by the library). Please be considerate and keep the area neat; if the bin is full, take your papers back home. Plastic bags go home with you, also: not into or around the bin. Read the restrictions clearly painted on the bin. Cardboard does not recycle here! Many Californians appreciate the convenience of the Royal Oaks Paper Recycler bin. Don't be the person who creates a "this is why we can't have nice things" situation. (Please note: This is not the place to get rid of any cardboard!)

It is with great sadness that we note the late August 2017 passing of Ethel Rankin, age 93, of California. One of our Library's "unsung heroines", Ethel served as a trustee and treasurer for perhaps two decades. As the late Wyona Coleman (Library Director) often boasted, "Ethel never lost a penny." After Ethel retired from our Board, for the next nearly two decades she remained a regular library visitor. She consistently gifted the Library with a substantial contribution, which usually arrived when our needs were crucial. Ethel was a true lady and we very much miss her conversation.


Thank you! Eagle Scout candidate Elek Buday worked through heat and rain to lay brick on our back patio last summer. The project is finished and the patio awaits your visit, even on a balmy winter day. CALIFORNIA ROTARY donated a comfortable metal bench to the project. We are delighted to be able to read and relax outdoors, interrupted only by an occasional passing train. We have umbrellas for the tables, ask to have them brought out if you need a bit of shade. We send mnay thanks to everyone who helped. During Cal U's 2017 The Big Event community service day, the Library was graced by the Cal U football team who, with amazing form and cooperative work, lifted and stacked all of the bricks on our back patio. We also enjoyed the nimble work of four Cal U students who wet-dusted our shelves, windowsills and furniture and also cleaned interior windows. All of this happened in about two-and-a-half hours! (In 2018 Sig Tau's Big Event service was to clean winter debris from the patio and to wash all the library windows, inside and out. They worked liked The Cat in the Hat's helpers A-Z!) Cal U students: We hope you'll return simply to use and enjoy your public library.

Service Project successful: Lily Hug's Books for Africa project collected 1,600 books in 2017, as well as enough cash for shipping them to a village in Africa, where they will become a community library. For additional information, contact Lily at: africanlibrarybuilder@gmail.com or visit African Library Project