Welcome to the California Area Public Library, California's center for knowledge and growth. Climb aboard the Information Station for California, Allenport, Coal Center, Long Branch, Elco, Roscoe, and West Pike Run Township. Explore the five literacies with us: Basic, Information, Civic & Social, Health & Financial.


Our current fundraiser is POPCORN!! We are selling Ekernally Yours popcorn to raise money for the library. You can put your order in at the circulation desk. There are lots of yummy flavors to choose from. Support the library and get something sweet (or savory!) too!

Washington County Community Foundation's Day of Giving is coming up soon on September 13th! By donating through www.wccfgives.org on September 13th each donation will be increased by a percentage through the WCCF's $100,000 match pool. Donations are accepted online and by check. If you would like to donate to our library thorough this great opportunity, please make checks payable to "WCCF" with our library noted on the check. Checks must be received at the WCCF offices before 8 a.m. on September 13th. Your donations help us to expand our book collection, offer free access to computers, provide adult and children's programming, and to keep the library running! Please consider donating on (or before by check) September 13th through WCCF Gives. Thank you to our loyal patrons!

Riverfest Hours: Our hours are changing next weekend on August 27th and 28th! We will be open Saturday, August 27th, from 11-4 and Sunday, August 28th, from 12-4. During those times the library will be open for regular business but will also be having the Annual Used Book Sale! We will have fiction, non-ficion, children's and much more to purchase!

We are starting a History Book Club at the library this Fall! We will be meeting the third Thursday of each month from 5:30 - 7. If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please call or email our director, Kristen, at 724-938-2907 or director@calpublib. This book club is for anyone interested in any type of history - we hope to see you September 15t at 5:30!

Have you heard about Essential Oils? We are having an Essential Oil 101 class on Monday, September 26th, at 5:30 p.m. We'll learn about what an essential oil is, why they are beneficial, how they work, and much more!! Our class will be led by Angie Danek, who has been using essential oils for years! This class is free of charge but does require registration so that we have enough materials prepared. For questions or to register please contact Kristen at 724-938-2907 or director@calpublib. Come join us September 26th!

Every Tuesday at 10:00 is Story Time with Ellen, a retired elementary librarian. Ellen presents a fresh Story Time every Tuesday at 10 a.m. and Story Time with Kristen and Friends is presented on select Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. Each Story Time includes a snack and craft. Please call to add your name to our list and we'll give you a call announcing each new session. Reservations are recommended. We plan for 12 children; please make prior arrangements for large groups. The California Recreation Authority sponsors Saturday Story Time. Summer Reading Club (SRC) for elementary students is in the works and follows the state library's fitness theme. Contact us at 724-938-2907 or director@calpublib.org for more information about Story Times and Summer Reading Program.

Amazon Smile--Shop here first when you buy online and amazon will contribute a wee bit of coin to our library. Sometimes there's a $5 bonus incentive. Every penny helps us. (But only a shopaholic could match the value of a standard annual gift to the library.) Just set your browser to www.smile.amazon.com and choose California Area Public Library.

MEMORIAL GIFTS and HONORARIUMS: An enduring tribute made in the form of a book, a technology upgrade or a grounds beautification/comfort improvement, your gift will be marked and will be announced to the appropriate honorees. Many people donate $25 or more when presenting a gift for a book.

Opportunities: RENT AN LCD PROJECTOR KIT from us and add a special focus to your next family event, business or club meeting. Our kit includes the projector, a screen and, if you need it, a laptop computer. You provide the photos or PowerPoint show. $20. We suggest you allow time for our staff to walk you through the process of setting up, if you're not familiar with using audio visual equipment.

INVESTING FOR OUR FUTURES: Many of our donors have been contributing to the Library for decades. Please visit, volunteer, and donate this year. YOU are vital to our mission to provide everyone with access to information in a happy space where we all thrive. Our fundraising goal for 2016 is $30,000. We bet you did not know that we habitually fall ahort by $23,000 below what the state expects us to raise. Please remember this the next time you think to yourself, "They're always asking for money, and yet they never close." We haven't had any support from our school district since 2011, and less than half of the communities in our service area make annual contributions. Everyone is wearing a tight belt, we understand. If everyone gave something (and those who can gave a bit more), we might be able to meet the state's expectations. Thank you.

EAGLE SCOUT PROJECTS: Visit our About Us page to learn about two young gentlemen who chose service projects to help the library. They are hoping you'll choose to help them, too.

Fund Raisers: LITTON'S GIFT CERTIFICATES: Each $10 certificate returns $2 to the library. Keep a few on hand as emergency gifts, or simply help out the library by purchasing a few before you visit Litton's Greenhouse in Richeyville. Other fund raising items at the library are American Tradition woven baskets, tote bags, cloisonne pins, stationary, historic maps of California and the ever-popular bundles of used books.

GOT PAPER SCRAP? Recycle at the library. We sponsor an AbitibiBowater Paper Retriever recycle bin. If the bin is full, please keep your donation until a later time. Californians prove they are dutiful stewards of our environment by filling the bin quickly. Thank you! (Because of depressed paper prices, Abitibi has not paid a dividend for more than a year now. Still, we are happy they help us to create a greener planet.)